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Patient Info

Patient information for clientele at Measured Dental Care. Includes frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

Patient Info


Your first visit

This is where we get to know each other. We will talk with you to gain a clear understanding of your dental history, as well your lifestyle and any current concerns you may have. We work with you to create a strategic treatment plan that best suits your goals, life stage and budget.

Continuity of care

On every visit, we will refer to your dental timeline to check your progress, explaining everything as we go along so that you know exactly what we are recommending, and why. We place importance on regular Continued Care Appointments – as this is how we identify potential problems before they become big problems.

The long game

We know that preventative dentistry is easier on your mouth and wallet than patching up problems ad-hoc along the way. We will always recommend a plan with the long game in mind. Ideally, we would like to bring all our clients to the point where only routine check-up and cleaning appointments are necessary.





How often should I come in for a check up?
We recommend that you come in every 6 months for a clean and check up. It only takes 6 months for a cavity to develop, so twice yearly check ups are essential for catching potential problems early on.

At what age should children start seeing a dentist?
We generally start seeing children at the age of 18–24 months, once they have fully teethed. Our team loves kids and will make the experience feel safe and fun for your little ones. 

Why do my gums bleed?
Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation and irritation. They can be caused by a variety of factors such as plaque build up, gum disease, or a poorly fitted filling. Healthy gums do not bleed, so if you are experiencing bleeding it is important that you come in for a check up. 

Why do I need X-rays?
Not all of your dental structure is visible to the eye. X-rays allow us to see in between teeth, below fillings and below the gums so that we can more accurately prevent and treat dental problems.

Do you need to know my medical history?
We ask that you share your medical history with us so that we can give you the best and safest treatment possible. Certain medical conditions influence dental health and vice versa, so learning about your medical history is an important part of our process of getting to know you. This is part of the reason we are so focused on longitudinal care. The longer we know you, the better the care we can provide.

Do you do teeth whitening?
We do! Teeth whitening is one of the safest and most economical ways to give your smile a boost. We offer several packages ranging from $350 to $950, depending on your desired outcome. Contact us to book a free assessment.  

What's the difference between crowns, porcelain fillings and regular fillings?
Regular fillings aren't as strong as porcelain or crowns. We may recommend a crown or porcelain if you require restoration in an area that is subject to a lot of pressure over time, if your tooth is weak, and/or the cavity is very large. Cutting corners with a cheaper/inappopriate filling usually leads to major problems down the track, so we will always recommend the best option for the long term. 

Are you a registered HICAPS provider?
Yes, we are registered with every Australian health fund. All our fees are health fund recognised, however the rebate you receive is dependent on your individual health fund and policy. 

What if I need to cancel?
Life happens, we get it. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice so that we can make the appointment time available to others. 

Do you take emergency appointments?
Yes, we routinely leave appointments available for emergencies. Call us and we will do our best to fit you in straight away. 

Most major dental work can be avoided if problems are picked up early - that’s why we put so much emphasis on continued care.
— Michelle Oey-Shaw (Hygienist)